Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses Tarballs

This is source code for the free, non-commercial version of the DCC software. Please read the license for it. That license is intended to be free only to organizations that do not sell filtering devices or services except to their own users and that participate in the global DCC network. ISPs that use the DCC to filter mail for their own users are intended to be covered by the free license. You can redistribute unchanged copies of the free source, but you may not redistribute modified, "fixed," or "improved" versions of the source or binaries. You also can't call it your own or blame anyone for the results of using it.

Name                    Last modified      Size  
Parent Directory                             -   
dcc-servers-blacklist   2023-10-09 19:37   68   
dcc.tar.Z               2024-03-22 16:12  1.5M  
old/                    2024-03-22 16:13    -   

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