Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse Graphs

The data for these graphs come from most of the approximately 200 DCC servers participating in the global network of DCC servers.

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graph of mail checked at DCC servers graph of spam ratio at DCC servers

The graphs of checked mail are of mail transactions instead of addressees; a single message addressed to 1 or 1000 people is counted as 1. Mail messages with total target counts larger than 10 are bulk mail and so possible spam. Messages with target counts of millions or "many" have been declared spam by at least one target DCC client. Such messages are likely spam because at least one copy has been manually reported as spam, detected as spam by a mechanism such as SpamAssassin or sent to a spam trap, a mailbox not used by a person but targeted only by spam.

The Spam Ratios are of possible spam, likely spam, and trapped spam to the total number of messages. DCC client programs can reject or discard bulk mail that is possible spam or likely spam.

See also the DCC Reputation Graphs.

These graphs are generated from cdcc stats values.
The scripts that get and collect the data into RRDTOOL database and then render the graphs are in the DCC source.
All dates and times are in UTC, which is between 3 and 7 hours ahead of time in the U.S.

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