Spews of Spam

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graph of streams of spam

This graph is related to the number distinct streams of spam seen by all DCC clients in the global DCC network, not the total number of unsolicited bulk email messages. The vertical axis reflects distinct streams.

Specifically, it shows the number of checksums in the database of a DCC server that receives only a single "flood" of checksums and no requests from DCC clients. It is not constrained by RAM size and uses non-standard dbclean expiration values of -e2HOURS and -E7DAYS

See also the other DCC graphs and the DCC Reputation Graphs.

These graphs are generated from cdcc stats values.
The scripts that get and collect the data into RRDTOOL database and then render the graphs are in the DCC source.
All dates and times are in UTC, which is between 3 and 7 hours ahead of time in the U.S.

Contact Vernon Schryver of Rhyolite Software, LLC at vjs@rhyolite.com or use the web form.

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